PB Saving Accounts

                               PB has the right of savings account tailored with the needs of its customers and market. Saving funds with Pashtany Bank will give its customers easy access to their funds in all parts of the country any time.

PB local ATM Card/Debit Card



SWIFT - International Remittance: Funds/Money Transfer Services

Through SWIFT Pashtany bank is able to facilitate inward and outward international transfers with competitive rates to any part of the world.

Consumers Loans

Pashtany bank is offering small consumer loans for personal, family, or household purposes. Consumer loans are unsecured loans for those who are employed. Consumer loan can be processed within 24 hours after fulfilling the criteria defined in Pashtany Bank Credit Policy.

Types of Consumer Loans:

  1. Car Financing.
  2. Loan against Gold.
  3. Personal Loan.


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