Board of Management

Mr.Ahmad Javed Wafa
President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)










Ahmad Javed Wafa is a professional economist and banker. He is appointed as the President/CEO of Pashtany Bank after attaining the approval of DAB on March 16, 2019. Before his current assignment, Mr. Wafa was appointed in December 21, 2015 as the President/CEO of Bank-e-Millie Afghan (BMA) and successfully completed his assignment in March 15, 2019. During his tenure, BMA was leading bank in terms of profitability with sustainable base. The bank underwent significant reforms, strategic planning and expansion in its market share. Moreover, international corporate governance standards, internal controls and compliance measures were put in place. During his tenure, the bank successfully completed its modernization goals. During February 2016-March 2019, he was First Vice Chairman of Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA) and remained as Acting Chairman. He previously worked as Director Economic and Strategic Planning at the Administrative Office of the President, Chief Risk Officer at Bank e Millie Afghan (BMA), Deputy Director General Research Monetary and Fiscal Sector & Senior Analyst External Sector at Monetary Policy Department with Da Afghanistan Bank. Mr. Wafa has also worked as a National Economic Specialist, Afghanistan at Sub-national Governance Program (ASGP) of UNDP.During his professional career as a senior economist and banker in various capacities, he has had substantial contributions to financial and monetary stability of the Afghanistan economy, his contributions to monetary stability during years 2009-2011 were remarkable. Mr. Wafa completed bachelor degree in economics from international Islamic university in 2008 and joined National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan in 2011 where he successfully completed master in public policy with specialization in economic policy in 2012. After completing his master degree, he started working with the commercial banking sector, during his tenure as Executive Director at Afghanistan Banks Association (ABA), he has implemented strategic plan for the flourishing future of ABA & its members and strengthen coordination among commercial banks and commercial banks with DAB and ministry of finance, Mr. Wafa was able to successfully bring stability to the ABA operations and attain confidence of members, donors and other stakeholders. During his tenure as Director Economic and Strategic Planning at the Administrative Office of the President, he had significant role in improving 100 days strategic planning of ministries by holding seminars & meetings. Moreover, he had substantial contributions in solving the issues faced by ministries in the implementation of development projects, Mr. Wafa participated in WTO final working party negotiations, and had great impact in improving the overall capacity of the directorate.Mr. Wafa has authored several papers and articles on various national and international issues related to banking sector, monetary policy, fiscal policy and international trade. Mr. Wafa is a committed professional who has strong communication and negotiation skills, he has attended on job training in Central Bank of Italy, Macroeconomic Diagnostics in IMF, Washington D.C. USA, Monetary Policy, Exchange rate and Capital flows in Central Bank of Switzerland and attended several seminars, conferences and meetings on national and international platform where he represented his country.


Mr. Abdul Wahid Rahimi
Chief Finance Officer (CFO)










Mr. Abdul Wahid Rahimi has been working in Pashtany Bank on the capacity of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) since November, 2016. Mr. Rahimi is approved CFO from Da Afghanistan Bank.  He has done BSc. (Hon) in Banking and Finance and MSc in Economics and Finance from International Islamic University, Islamabad. After his graduation from university, he started working with Bank-e-Millie, Afghan in the capacity of Accounting General Manager and after two years of rich experience in finance department in the year 2015, he has started his work as Deputy CFO and later on as CFO and through the horizon of his career in the bank, he strengthened financial and accounting system in the bank. His contributions to liquidity management and financial reporting system have been vital in the bank. As per the international accounting standards, the bank underwent significant reforms and positive progress has been evident in the bank since he joined Pashtany Bank in the year 2015. Working with the new team he has deliver best practices in general management and financial leadership highly adopted transformation, commercial strategy, business growth and he is enjoying complex work environment, with immense capability and powerful skill he set, has been well evidenced in his current role of comprehensive controller oversight of financial, treasury, investment and banking relationship that brings good return from the established relationship from international business partners in different areas including but limited to international finance (L/C), international payment, liquidity management and  working capital management. He successfully laid strong foundation for cash management, liquidity management, bill payment, financial statement preparation, financial management and development of the risk based policies for finance and treasury department and in complaint development of workflow.


Mr Aimal Mangal

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)










Mr. Aimal Mangal has been working as a Chief Compliance Officer at Pashtany Bank Since May 2020. He is professionally a senior banker with broad experience in different banks of Afghanistan. Mr. Mangal earned his Master’s in Finance and Banking from Economics Faculty of Kabul University during 2015-2016.Mr. Mangal has worked in different capacities at Azizi Bank during 2006-2011. During his tenure at Azizi Bank, Mr. Mangal worked as Internal Audit Officer, Credit Officer, Credit Manager, and Deputy Chief Credit Officer. He was part of new loan products and services for the bank and he contributed in laying a strong foundation for the credit department of Azizi Bank. In addition to this, He worked as a Deputy Chief Credit Officer in Bakhtar Bank during 2011-2012 where he had strong achievements in loan portfolio growth and its management. He joined Pashtany Bank as Chief Credit Officer in Jul 2013 and during almost seven year of his work as Chief Credit Officer At Pashtany Bank, Mr. Mangal had numerous achievements on maintaining strong loan portfolio and his efforts on recovery is significant. Mr. Mangal introduced strong credit strategy through reforms in credit department products and services. Moreover, He represented bank in international meetings, seminars and events where he was part of establishing new business relations with internationally recognized banks.


Mr. Lemar Rahmani Stanikzai
Chief Operating Officer (COO)











Mr. Lemar Rahmani Stanikzai has been working as a Chief Operations Officer at Pashtany Bank after successfully getting the approval of Da Afghanistan Bank. Mr. Stanikzai completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Kardan University. He is a professional banker having seven years of experience in commercial banking where he worked on different positions in Operation Department of the bank. His specialization is in retail banking, sales and marketing, relationship management, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), compliance and product development. During his extensive career, he held various positions including Teller, Deputy Branches Manager, General Manager Operations and Deputy Chief Operation Officer. He has passion for Business Development and Operational Excellence. His contribution to business development in operations, strategic planning, treasury management, revenue generation and marketing innovation has brought success to Pashtany bank in the market. In addition to this, Mr. Stanikzai worked with different organizations on senior level in the field of finance.Mr. Stanikzai represented Pashtany bank in different international meetings, seminars, and events.