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With more than 70 years of experience, Pashtany Bank is committed to serve its clients and community effectively.

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1 month ago

Pashtany Bank

Pashtany Bank (PB) established itself as one of the formidable players in Afghanistan banking Industry through its technological advances, development of infrastructure and innovative banking products and services. Since its establishment, Pashtany Bank honed its competitive edge through its diverse products aimed at enhancing customers’ trust and reliability.

Mr.Ahmad Javed Wafa

PB International Finance Awards 2019



Winners of Banking Awards 2019

Pashtany Bank was selected as a best innovative bank of Afghanistan in 2019 by International Finance in (Most Innovative Banking Products and Services )  and 2020 will be a historical year for Pashtany Bank in terms of growth, expansion and quality.


PB Product & Services
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Western Union

Pashtany Bank became the member of the Western Union agent community to provide Western Union branded money transfer services by fastest and safest manner. Customer can send their transfer through western union with safe and full secured.

About Western Union:

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ATM Services

What is Pashtany Bank local ATM Card/Debit Card?

1-This card allows you to withdraw cash 24/7 from all PashtanyBank Head Office and Branches 

2-PashtanyBank ATM facility is available in all parts of Afghanistan.

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SMS Banking

SMS banking service provides instant notifications about your transactions when it happens. It helps to keep a watch on your account with 7/24 in a week. Every debit and credit in your account over a limit desired by you is intimated by SMS. Now, with SMS banking service of Pashtany Bank, you are always in a position to keep a close eye on your account activities and take instant messages.

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International Remittance:

Funds/Money Transfer Services

Pashtany Bank is member of the Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) offering safe and secure international transfers to its customers. Through SWIFT Pashtany bank is able to facilitate inward and outward international transfers with competitive rates to any part of the world.

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Exchange Rates

Last updated: 06 April 2020

Currency Cash (Sell) Cash (Buy) Transfer (Sell) Transfer (Buy)
USD$ 76.71 75.41
EURO€ 83.60 80.10
POUND£ 93.77 90.57

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Wed, Apr 01 2020 8:17 AM
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د روان کال د حمل میاشتی پر دوولسمه نیټه د پښتنی بانک د پانگه اچوونکو عمومی غوڼډه تر سره شوه

د روان کال د حمل میاشتی پر دوولسمه نیټه د پښتنی بانک د پانگه اچوونکو عمومی غوڼډه تر سره شوه.
غوڼډه د مالیی وزارت مالی معین او د وزارت مقام سرپرست ښاغلی عبدالحبیب "ځدران" په مشری د بانک. . .

Mon, Mar 23 2020 10:24 AM
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صحت ثروت است

محترم احمد جاوید وفا رئیس پشتنی بانک یوم  یکشنبه مؤرخ 03/01/1399 جلسۀ اضطراری را پیرامون مبارزه و جلوگیری از شیوع وایروس کرونا در سالون کنفرانس دفتر مرکزی تدویر نمودند. در این جلسه که. . .

Sun, Mar 08 2020 8:44 AM
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د ښځو نړیواله ورځ مبارک

د ښځو نړیواله ورځ مبارک 
د پښتني بانک د عامل پلاوي په رهبرۍ د پښتني بانک د غونډو په تالار کې د ښځو د نړیوالې ورځي په مناسبت یوه شانداره غونډه ترسره شوه ، د غونډې د قرانکریم په څو مبارکو. . .

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Thu, Feb 27 2020 11:14 AM Location Kabul
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IT Internship

 for test.

Thu, Feb 27 2020 9:34 AM Location Kabul
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Database Intership

Database information and details.

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