Deputy CEO (معاون بانک)

Wed, Dec 23 2020 3:05 PM

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Mohammad Jan Khan Watt,Kabul,Afghanistan

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Dec 23, 2020


PB 027/2020

Closing Date:

Jan 8, 2021

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Salary Range:

As per company salary scale

Years of Experience:

5 - 8 Years

Contract Duration:

Not specified

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Required Languages:

Dari, Pashto, English


Job Summary:

Deputy CEO is directly report to CEO of PashtanyBank.

The Deputy CEO She/he serves as the leader and maintains an effective and cohesive senior management team for the Bank; leads the Bank in achieving its goal; and bears the chief responsibility in Ensuring the Bank meets its short-term operational and long-term strategic goals. She/he works with and is accountable to the Bank.

The Deputy CEO of a bank is responsible for all operations in the bank. Has to have an in depth knowledge about the operations taking place at all levels in the bank. He is responsible for making decisions regarding the operations of the bank, further expansions and changes in the working strategy.

Establish control and oversight of the bank for the sound banking practices based on

The standard banking laws, rules, regulations and directions of the bank and other related laws of the nation.

In cause of the CEO absent shall perform all the duties and responsibilities of the CEO.

Duties & Responsibilities:


Strategic management:

Develop and recommend strategic plans to the Board that ensures the Company's profitable growth and overall success. This includes updating and making changes as required, and involving the Board in the early stages of developing strategy.

Successfully implement the corresponding business and operational plans. Review and report regularly to the Board on the overall progress and results against operating and financial objectives and initiate courses of action for improvement. This should include identification of future opportunities and threats.

Operation management:

Develop annual operating forecasts of revenue, expenditures, operational results and financial performance and ensure financial growth of the company.

Develop annual capital commitment and expenditure budgets for approval by the Board.

Authorize commitment of corporate resources. Enter into agreements, contracts, leases, etc. in the ordinary course of business, in order to pursue the approved strategies, business plans, and objectives of the Company, provided however, that major commitments, exposures, and risks will be reported to the Board on a regular and timely basis, and obtain approval where necessary.

Review the financial and operational conditions of the Bank, maintain profitable operation

And recommend viable alternatives for cost effective operations.

Prepare a Management Plan that establishes goals and objectives for the management of the Bank, and also prepare Key Performance Indicators based on the plan.

Deputy CEO is also responsible for both internal and external communication and marketing of financial products. He or she may delegate some of these responsibilities to chief.

Other responsibilities include representing the bank in the media, speaking at conferences on behalf of the bank, planning and monitoring budgets and other financial activity.

Ensure that the bank is operated in a safe and sound manner as guided by the Banking law and regulations. Operation is expected to yield operating profit, limit high cost deposit growth, eliminate fraudulent activities and avoid unnecessary influences.

be responsible for delivery of the overall results of the Bank and to ensure the attainment of

Its objectives.

The Deputy CEO must monitor all his subordinates to make sure the bank is performing well and all returns on investments are being maximized.

Human resource management and development:

Build an effective management team, developing their professional knowledge and skill, while holding them accountable for key areas of delivery. Through the management team ensure that functional activities are carried out cost effectively.

Develop and maintain a sound, effective organizational structure, and ensure capable management succession, progressive employee training, and employee motivation and development programs.

Provide the Board, at Board and committee meetings, exposure to the Company's key management.

Relationship management:

Ensure effective communications and appropriate relationships are maintained with the shareholders of the Company and other stakeholders such as customers, industry, employees, the financial community, regulators, governments, non-government organizations, communities in which Bank operates, suppliers, and media.

Manage and oversee the required interfaces between the Company and the public and act as the principal spokesperson for the Company.

Compliance, risk management and corporate governance:

Keep the Board fully informed on all aspects of the Company's operational and financial affairs, and on all matters of significant relevance to the Company including those items emanating from governments and regulators on issues such as fiscal, monetary and environment policies, legislation affecting operations and regulating oversight, etc.

Authorize and ensure that effective control and co-ordination mechanisms for all operations and activities are in place including the establishment and development of effective internal controls over financial reporting.

Ensure the Company's assets are adequately safeguarded and optimized in the best interests of the shareholders.

Maintain a high level of integrity, work ethics and Corporate Governance standards

Job Requirement:

Qualification and Experience:

Master/Bachelor in Economic, Finance and Business Administration.

Master degree will be preferred.

At least 5 years’ experience in Manager level in Banking Sector or 8 years’ experience in financial institution.

Submission Guideline:

The subject of E-mail should clearly indicate: Vacancy Number and position title. otherwise it will not be considering Candidates can bring the copy of their CV to HR unit of Pashtany Bank and can apply online. 

Please send your CV along with Cover 

only shortlisted candidates will be invited for the interview.

Pashtany Bank Believes on Equal Employment Opportunities.

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