Compliance Department

Mr. Aimal Mangal 

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)










Mr. Aimal Mangal has been working as a Chief Compliance Officer at Pashtany Bank Since May 2020. He is professionally a senior banker with broad experience in different banks of Afghanistan. Mr. Mangal earned his Master’s in Finance and Banking from Economics Faculty of Kabul University during 2015-2016.Mr. Mangal has worked in different capacities at Azizi Bank during 2006-2011. During his tenure at Azizi Bank, Mr. Mangal worked as Internal Audit Officer, Credit Officer, Credit Manager, and Deputy Chief Credit Officer. He was part of new loan products and services for the bank and he contributed in laying a strong foundation for the credit department of Azizi Bank. In addition to this, He worked as a Deputy Chief Credit Officer in Bakhtar Bank during 2011-2012 where he had strong achievements in loan portfolio growth and its management. He joined Pashtany Bank as Chief Credit Officer in Jul 2013 and during almost seven year of his work as Chief Credit Officer At Pashtany Bank, Mr. Mangal had numerous achievements on maintaining strong loan portfolio and his efforts on recovery is significant. Mr. Mangal introduced strong credit strategy through reforms in credit department products and services. Moreover, He represented bank in international meetings, seminars and events where he was part of establishing new business relations with internationally recognized banks.


Compliance Department:

Compliance Department is functioning independently under the article 57 banking law of Afghanistan and is reporting to the Board of Supervisors of the bank. Compliance Department at Pashtany bank is jointly working with the management to identify and manage regulatory risk. Compliance Department perform its duties in order to ensure the routine monitoring of compliance with the banking laws of the Afghanistan, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) laws and regulations, international standards, requirements by correspondent banks, corporate governance rules, codes and policies applicable to the bank in detecting and preventing wrongdoing.Compliance team works towards designing and implementing solutions to address any legal and reputational risks. Pashtany Bank Compliance function is equipped with the smart technologies, Thomson Reuters Acquity software, Financial Crime Compliance Management Solution (FCCM) and has multiple potential applications in the context of compliance. These technological tools offer a route to significant efficiency gains and can help Pashtany Bank compliance function work more effectively.The only goal of compliance department is to enhance the compliance culture, ensure compliance of the regulatory requirement, instructions, and to reduce the non-compliance matters in the Bank’s day to day operations.