Time Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit Account

Pashtany Bank Fixed Deposit facility aimed to provide safe long term deposit opportunity for organizations, businesses and individuals that may not have immediate cash requirements. These deposits are accepted for a certain fixed time or term which will be repayable after the expiry of the period fixed. Since these deposits remain in the bank for a longer time than the demand deposits for the purpose of long term investments, Pashtany bank offers attractive interest rates with more safety and security of the customer’s funds.


1-Accounts can be opened by individuals & joint holders.

2-Proprietor, Partnership firms.

3-Private Public Limited Liability companies.

4-Education, health institutions and businesses in real sectors of the economy

5-Non-profit and Non-Government organizations, clubs, societies and associations.

6-Minors below 18 years of age can open along with their natural / legal guardian and the account could be operated by the guardian only for the benefit of minors.

Eligibility for Individuals:


1-Customer identification (Tazkara / passport).

2-Valid business license.

3-Tax Identification Number (TIN)

4-Source of Income and deposit

Eligibility for Business and Other Legal Entities

1-Copy of valid license

2-Registration Certificate of the organization

3-By-laws and Articles of Association of the organization.

4-Board and/or management resolution to open account.

5-National ID card (Tazkira)/passports of the persons authorized to open and operate the account.

6-Tax Identification Number (TIN)

7-Source of income and deposit

8-Optional: introduction letter from any existing customer.


Pashtany Bank Fixed Deposit Facility Features:

1-Accounts will be opened in AFN, USD, GBP and EURO.

2-Fixed Deposit Certificate will be issued to the depositor and the same has to be surrendered on the maturity for withdrawing the amount.

3-The customer can withdraw the amount in fixed deposit prior to the due date of maturity. In this case, the interest will be paid at 1% less than the applicable rate for the period of which the deposits remain with the bank.

4-Fixed Deposits will be accepted for a minimum period 3 months and no maximum limit on the period. However currently fixed deposits will be accepted for a maximum period of 5 years and the same could be renewed for a further period as per the requirement and request of the customer.