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د پښتني بانک د غونډو په تالار کې د پښتني بانک د عامل پلاوي مشرتابه ښاغلی احمد جاوید ( وفا ) په مشرۍ د پښتني بانک په نویو پرمختګونو او د نوي مصرفي قرضو د شروع کیدو په اړه د بانک ټولو کارکوونکو ته معلومات ورکړل
.له ټولو کارکوونکو یې مننه وکړه چې د پښتني بانک د پرمختګ او بریا لپاره یې نه ستړې کیدونکې هلی ځلې کړي دي او ټول کارکوونکې یې خپلو مسولیتونو ته متوجی کړل ترڅو پښتني بانک لا د پرمختګ تر دیاره ورسوي

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Locker Account

Pashtany Bank Facilitate this service for individuals and institutions to save their valuable things, Documents in order to minimize risk of robbery, lost.

Fixed Deposit Account

Earn competitively higher interest on your savings with flexibility, security and excellent returns with Pashtany Bank Fixed Deposit Account.

Current Account

Pashtany bank  Current Account is specially designed to take care of all your financial necessities and Provide you  facilities & flexibility that is required for both your domestic and international business requirements.

Saving Accounts Pashtany Bank has the right savings account for everyone. Save your earnings with Pashtany Bank and have access to your funds any time. Your bank account is always at your fingertips with Mobile Banking & Net Banking. With our ATM Facilities across Afghanistan accessing cash will always be easier.